Stories of Abuse

Sometimes, hearing others' stories can help us better understand our own situation. On this page there are four such stories. The first three stories reflect different types of abuse in non-institutional settings. The fourth story, Jenny's Story, is not about abuse, but rather, how to plan for the future. These stories are fictional.

You can view these stories in two forms:

  • (i) written form · which is followed by a series of questions and answers that will help you understand possible legal remedies for the situations
  • (ii) audio form · which include those same questions and answers in the form of a discussion

Your situation may be different and therefore you may require different information.

  • You can find more information in the Just the Facts section of this website.
  • These stories are not about spousal or partner abuse. If you require information about spousal or partner abuse, there are two sites that might be helpful to you: · Willownet: Abuse and the Law in Alberta
  • For legal advice, you will need to consult a lawyer.


 Bill's Story - Physical & Verbal Abuse 


Eileen's Story - Financial Abuse 


Tom's Story - Emotional and Psychological Abuse 


Jenny's Story - Planning for the Future 



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