Grandparents' Rights

Sometimes, grandparents are prevented from seeing their grandchildren. For example, sometimes access is denied because of a family dispute or because separation, divorce, or remarriage has driven a wedge between the generations. Perhaps you or someone you know is experiencing this.

Alberta’s Family Law Act outlines possible options for grandparents when guardians (typically parents) and grandparents cannot agree on provisions for contact. For example, this legislation allows grandparents to apply to the court for a contact order. In certain circumstances you can also apply to have care (known as “kinship care”) or guardianship of your grandchildren.

The information about Grandparents’ Rights can be viewed on our Canadian Legal FAQs website or in the form of a booklet that you can download and print. If you would like multiple copies of the booklet, you can order them for free.

The topics covered in this section relate to Alberta law only. For laws in provinces other than Alberta, please see our page of Additional Resources.


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